Thea Sheldon, CPCC
The Prime of Life Coach
for midlife women who want to gain unstoppable momentum on what really matters now...
and for the rest of your life!

   Prime of Life Coaching and Thea Sheldon, CPCC
The Prime of Life Coach

ready to serve you, the woman in mid-life or beyond,
as you seek clarity, confidence and courage
to design the rest of your life exactly as you want it. 

      In 2017 we are leaning in to create new offerings,
we're showing up in different places and
     going the distance to support you in your transformation.

  As we navigate this exciting territory
here's one thing we know for sure:

The 7 Portals Coaching Game
is up and running!
We use this amazing tool in our coaching to help you gain information that's hidden under
the surface of your awareness. Intuitively we enter the Portals that are your preferred pathways to your essential, true self.
From that place you access information that makes you kidding.

Please contact me directly at 218-235-7699 or
to schedule a complimentary, no obligation coaching session with me.
This is really the only way we'll find out if I'm the right coach for you--and if you're the right client for me.
My style of coaching is Co-Active. We enter on a level playing field!

Let's stay in touch!
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